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Larry Sanger Blog » Reading Bear: Rave Reviews

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There are lots of great links here if you are a fellow hunter, and some reviews of Reading Bear.  What I like about this program is that it is respectful of children.  It does not (with the exception of the little bear logo which I’m not fond of) suggest that children must see things only with black outlines and in rounded simplified shapes.  Children are in love with the world they are in.  Watch them when they are outside, be it trash can or giraffe they prefer the real stuff of life if given the opportunity and this love is nurtured. What I like about this program is that it is broken down so nicely, giving most children what they need to know to learn to read.  A little like Starfall, but less cartoons. Larry Sanger Blog » Reading Bear: Rave Reviews. Starfall was built by a man who grew up with Dyslexia and wanted to create a program that would be free of charge and might help children that had difficulties with reading.  I recommended it often to parents whose children were particularly drawn to the computer.


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I am a Mother to 2 wonderful boys. I am a Montessori Teacher (3-6) I'm learning to garden, keep chickens (3), compost, educate at home, master and share the Nurtured Heart Approach, hoping to make good use of technology, to trust and find joy.

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