my project4peace

Homeschooling in the Desert with Intention and Hope and Special Needs


Hello, so glad you came to visit.  I am an artist, a Montessori teacher and a mother to 2 wonderful boys.

My youngest son and I have come home to homeschool after 6 joyful working years in a 3-6 classroom and for him 6 years in the train wreck of public special education programs (6 different classrooms) after he left the Montessori classroom to “receive better services” in the public setting as was advised.   Hence the title of my blog, my project4peace.  I could no longer enjoy the beauty of my classroom knowing what he was going through each day at school.  So now we find peaceful approach, and plenty of projects.  I am creating a Montessori “all-years homeschool”  that will meet the needs of my 13 year son that has a variety of obstacles to his learning. I hope through what we learn, we can pass on information to others that would like to do the same. Enjoy your visit, tell a friend, and  join the conversation.


As we tend to value the results of education for their measurableness, so we tend to undervalue and at last ignore those results which are too intrinsically valuable to be measured.


— Edmond G. A. Holmes,
chief inspector of elementary schools for Great Britain, 1911



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