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Must-Read Montessori Blogs

50 Must-Read Montessori Blogs

Browsing here today to see what nuggets I can find.  As I look for the right curriculum, I still hope to devise a program that blends the Montessori philosophy and materials over a period of time.  At 12, and having spent most of his time in a self contained classroom, he has had little of anything that peaked his interest in a way that lights him up to learn.  He deserves to learn about the world around him, what came before him, and where does he see himself and mostly how will he become an independent learner, and be able to create and follow his own vision.  Having been a Montessori child from 3-7 he still holds this close to him as  the way to learn.  Independence is dear to him as all of us.  But as I try to take the materials from year 6-12 and condense them into a pathway for our next years and meet him where he is I find myself challenged.  How can I do it?  Can I do it? Is it fair to him if I try?  I want to guide him to materials that are as big and advanced as he can enjoy, and build wonder and excitement about.  I hope to nurture his ability to research on his own those things that interest him.  Provide tools that he can seek knowledge with successfully, whether it is thru computer technology, or just visiting the library and asking for resources that suit him.

The goal is independence, a sense of wonder and appreciation for all that is around him and  a deep recognition of his unique greatness that is a part of something bigger where he finds himself of service to the earth, himself and others.

     I Like this quote I dislike this quote“We teachers can only help the work going on, as servants wait upon a master.” Maria Montessor

“[In her 1946 book,] Education in a New World, … education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.”  Maria Montessori
     We cannot know the consequences of suppressing a child’s “spontaneity when he is just beginning to be active. We may even suffocate life itself. That humanity which is revealed in all its intellectual splendor during the sweet and tender age of childhood should be respected with a kind of religious veneration. It is like the sun which appears at dawn or a flower just beginning to bloom. Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child to open up himself to life.” Maria Montessori

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I had so much fun here today!  Love the older books now! These are nice collections of read-a-longs, and ebooks, videos with National Geographic, and with each are lesson plans, a games, etc.  Terrific website.

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It’s Elementary!: Montessori Suppliers

This list comes from the Blog: It’s Elementary!: Montessori Suppliers

Widening Horizons:

Montessori 123:

Montessori Materials Group:

In-Print for Children:

Montessori Print Shop:

Montessori for Learning:


Magnolia Montessori:

ETC Montessori:

Michael Olaf Company:

Montessori Research and Development:

Montessori Services:

Montessori Made Manageable:

Priority Montessori Materials:

Montessori for Everyone:

Heart in Hand:

Albanesi Montessori Curriculum:

Conceptual Learning Materials:

Laughing Star Montessori:

The Waseca Curriculum:

Alison’s Montessori:

Maitri Learning:

Classroom Creations:

Montessori Images:

Creative Learning:

Montessori Land:

Phonetic Reading Program:

Montessori n’ Such:

The Juliana Group:

Adena Montessori:

Montessori Concepts:


Early School Materials:

Montessori Stores:

Montessori Details:

Montessori Outlet:

Kid Advance Montessori:

E & O Montessori:

BST Montessori:

IFIT Montessori Equipment:

Nienhuis Montessori USA:

Materials Company of Boston:

Lord Company:

Kaybee Montessori:

Hello Wood Products:

Cabdev Montessori Materials:

Bruins Montessori:

Bambini Montessori Materials:

Montessori Education Supplies:


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Montessori is Special Education


I wonder what encouragement I will find in the pages of this book?

This his book was written so many years ago, yet in Montessori Schools today Children with Special Needs seem to be limited to very high functioning children, with few behavior challenges.  It seems to me that as a teacher the question of the other children getting what they needed is always present, am I serving everyone?  Is it out of balance.  But yet at the same time I grapple with my belief that communities include everyone.  How do we learn to be whole citizens in this community if we do not learn how to engage with, have time for and include all members of the community.  How can this not be part of our schools?  Is it what we value? Is it how we have chosen to define successful individuals that gets in our way.

A decision to see a person as whole, and deserving of our kindness and respect, to see their greatness requires us to have a new understanding of what it is to be human.  What it is to be of service. To let go of old ways.  Haven’t we done this before?  Isn’t this basic misunderstanding at the root so much disparity in the world are we really a better nation because “more” people have an opportunity.  Can’t we really shift our perception enough that all people have opportunity to be accepted in a community.  Can’t we make it just as shameful, and unacceptable that our space whatever it is was not designed to include all individuals.  Can’t we stretch our greatness to recognize what’s missing when individuals with various disabilities are missing from the room.  Seeking diverse communities has always made us a greater nation, a greater community, a greater school, a greater group.  What needs to happen?  Often it seems when great change must take place it is the mistaken goal or model that needs to be restructured.  Greatness comes from our ability to see beyond our current circumstances to a possibility that exceeds those constraints, (something our most vulnerable do on a daily basis). A nation of greatness must see the greatness in each other, by the wholeness of it’s individuals.  We make others vulnerable when we create a world in which the value is determined by others.  One’s vulnerability is proportionate to the constructs of the society in which it lives.  What kind of society, what kind of being do we wish to construct.

When all else is gone, what will bring us the most joy?  How can we remember, as we seek to “pay for our lives”, that joy exists in the ability to be ourselves, be loved, and be able to serve and love others, and seek that, that builds us in our own vision. Isn’t this what Montessori saw?  It costs nothing to be kind, to be patient, to be giving, to be compassionate, to have empathy. We have become a nation that everything has a price tag. It is costing us our humanness and our potential greatness.  It is an invisible force that has altered the nature of all things.  What we lack in money is always made up for in the richness of our joy in each other.  If we shifted our success meter to exist in the richness of our community, the level of service, compassion, joy  it would have to include everyone, and it could build a community of individuals that care for each other, are empowered and enriched and nourished by each other.  Special would just be an important element in the mix.   It is an important part of the mix.  The fact that it is missing, and it’s members absent from the community on the whole, our community is disable, lacks the very elements that would exist if these members were wholly a part. It is something we hide from, don’t want to know about, fantasize that all is well with, so we can live in this illusion of success.

I believe that a transformation of this kind is happening all around us.  Like waiting for a bud to bloom, or an egg to hatch, or a child to have that “aha” moment, we will unfold this possibility.  The seeds have already been planted the ground has been made fertile, and now we just nourish, encourage tirelessly, invite, and trust in its inevitability.  This I say as I deal with my own impatience, perceptions, and abilities with still the hope of practicing in good faith that that I believe in.  If I don’t stay compassionate with myself, I might just give up, however. It’s a new day, patience arrived as always at my bedside and so here I am again, and in the company of so many I trust. Good company it is.